ids CONSULTING comparative advantage is its human resources, permanent external partners, as well as our wider partner network!
The experienced and efficient human resources of ids CONSULTING are characterized by a high level of education and scientific training. Our people have a specialized and long professional experience, as well as deep knowledge of the company’s fields of activity. With professionalism and conscientiousness, the people of ids CONSULTING pave the way to the future!

Partners & Key Executives of ids CONSULTING

ids CONSULTING invests in the human factor as the main key to achieving business excellence. In this context, it integrates and utilizes the culture of Lifelong Learning as a structural aspect of the business operation. Our people are constantly trained in new subjects and develop new skills.ids CONSULTING is an erudite organisation that provides modern, quality and efficient services.


ids CONSULTING external partners are always willing and prepared to provide their valuable advice on company projects and actions on a permanent basis. This team of experts are scientists of high prestige, therefore they are included in the Interdisciplinary Register of Partners of ids CONSULTING.


ids CONSULTING cultivates a culture of extroversion and rewarding cooperation with companies, agencies and organizations, which are always willing to provide their support and expertise to manage challenges more effectively. ids CONSULTING excellent relations with a wide network of partners that extends from the field of Digital Technology and Advertising to certified Research Institutions and Civil Society Groups, seal the holistic service of clients’ needs.