ids CONSULTING responding to the needs of the market, provides an integrated framework of services concerning the Public and Private sector. In a dynamically evolving and competitive business environment, the need for the continuous adaptation of businesses and organisations to market data has now become imperative. Modern organisations must respond to the changes in the external environment, in order to ensure in any case their competitive position in the sector in which they operate, whether in the Public or Private sector.

Public sector +

Private sector  +

  • Organisational Planning.
  • Reengineering Corporate – Organizational Culture.
  • Introduction and Exploitation of Innovation.
  • Legal Consulting in matters of Public Contracts.
  • Production Management and Organisation.
  • Sales Management and Organisation.
  • Development of Internal Control Systems.
  • Financial Analysis Studies.
  • Modernization and Reorganisation Systems D.E.Y.A.

ids CONSULTING provides services for the Administration and Management of Investment Projects. Thanks to the experience and technical knowledge of its human resources, it effectively responds to every challenge related to the complex area of Project and Organisation Management, which requires the use of all modern tools and techniques, both for the planning of individual phases, as well as for the management and big data analysis. Services provided include:

  • Development and Implementation of integrated project management systems.
  • Scientific coordination and organisational support of projects.
  • Project Planning and Control.
  • Risk and Crisis Management Systems.
  • Evaluation of projects and programmes.
  • Administrative and financial support for project implementation and monitoring.

ids CONSULTING has extensive experience in the preparation of thematic studies and research related to the development of human resources.

Services provided include:

  • Elaboration of human resource management plans.
  • Human resources utilization and evaluation plans.
  • Job studies. Performance improvement systems – productivity.
  • Human resource upgrade plans.
  • Holistic and inclusive Vocational Training Programmes and Lifelong Learning services.
  • Advisory support in matters of personnel selection.
  • Elaboration of Local Action Plans for Employment – Social Integration and Social Solidarity.
  • Planning and development of strategic communication.
  • Design and development of a communication plan.
  • Design and developmentof marketing and branding strategy.
  • Holistic support in marketing και branding projects.
  • Design and organisation of publicity and dissemination programmes..
  • Planning and organisation of promotional activities.
  • Implementation of specialized publicity actions.
  • Organisation and management of press services (Media Relations).
  • Production of publicity and promotion content.
  • Creative strategy.
  • Elaboration of a Strategic Plan for Communication and Informing citizens.
  • Design and implementation of Promotion and Publicity Programmes.
  • Design and implementation analysis studies of ICT projects in the public and private sector.
  • Design and Technical Architecture of Specialized Information Systems.
  • Modern systems of business decisions and (Business Intelligence).
  • Holistic solutions of Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce) online applications.
  • Customer Management and Service Systems (CRM).
  • Design and Development Studies of an Integrated Information System for Municipality Administration and Specialized ICT Applications. (GIS etc.).
  • Design – Operation – Maintenance of an (Web Portals)
  • Online Systems of Electronic Government and electronic citizen service.
  • Studies on the utilization of Financial Means and Opportunities.
  • Finding and utilizing financial instruments.
  • Drafting of proposals and studies for the utilization of financing.
  • Compilation of proposal submission files for subsidized programmes (Development Law – NSRF programmes, etc.).
  • Technical support for monitoring investment projects.
  • Drafting of Dossiers and Technical Bulletins for the inclusion of projects in the NSRF.
  • Management and Finance Technical Consultant Services.
  • Design & Operation of an Observatory of Socio-Economic Changes.
  • Systems for Investigating Citizens’ Tendencies and Disposal, in matters of general and special interest.